Welcome to LyfeLoop a better place for you to interact with family and friends. LyfeLoop is gives users everything they loved about other platforms minus all the censorship, fake fact checking, bias and security issues. Over the past few years the largest social media platforms have lost the trust of millions of their users for numerous reasons including: selling user data to 3rd parties, banning accredited users while allowing spammers to run free, discrimination (political, medical, religious) and having a total disrespect for their user's safety. proper user privacy guidelines allowing to access millions of long term users’ personal data. As well as censor real content and allow fake content to be uncensored. They have also disrespected U.S. Federal Government and European Union' guidelines that are in place to protect us. This massive breech of trust has created a feeling of unrest amongst the social media platform’s audience. So much so that there are now #delete campaigns where people are completely removing themselves from and using other networks instead that are fun, safe and trustworthy places to interact with family and friends.