M Pharmaceuticals

M Pharmaceuticals is committed to developing and commercializing innovative drug treatments and biomedical technologies that improve the health and quality of life of people affected by obesity and diabetes. The Company currently has or has agreed to acquire the exclusive rights to CHELATEXX, a new OTC companion drug for Orlistat and a family of biomedical technologies including (i) the m-red, for automatic and autonomous monitoring of blood glucose by diabetics; (ii) temporary controllable pseudobezoars, an innovative method for non-invasive dynamic gastric volume reduction for weight loss that has been recently tested in blind, placebo-controlled human studies; and (iii) gastrointestinal neurostimulators, using a laparoscopically-implantable technique for the treatment of obesity without permanent anatomical modification of the stomach. Commercial development of m-red, m-blue and m-green biomedical technologies will require successful coordination and execution of a wide variety of technology disciplines.