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1/30/2019 - The selection of the correct mailing list is the most important element in your mailing - that is if you are looking for maximum response. Mailing list San Jose provide opportunities for businesses to acquire, retain and create loyal customers. Mailing list San Jose are usually databases of consumers who have inquired or purchased from a direct response ad, direct mail catalog, from a direct mail offer, direct-selling TV ad, direct response newspaper ad, or other direct response offer. The most common response direct mail lists are from catalog merchants. Before you consider purchasing any direct mail list, analyze the database of your own customers. Ask yourself precisely what commonalities they have, then look for these characteristics in a new list mailing database. Start searching for a new mailing list based on your perfect target audience. Find a list that closely matches the definable characteristics of your own customers. If this exact mailing list isn't available, see how close you can come to buying the most perfect business mail list - and test mail to it in smaller numbers. Measure and track response. Today's direct mail can be very precisely targeted due to the precision of the mailing list data available. If you can tightly specify a mailing list, you can probably find a list perfectly matched to your specifications. The more you qualify the names on your mail list, the tighter you specify your perfect mailing list segments, the more response, and the less wasted advertising expense you'll have in your direct mail campaign. The higher your response, the better your chances of success and profit. The precise targeting of mailing makes direct mail one of the most effective, cost efficient ways to market as long as you define your audience up front and match your direct mail list to your audience. About The Author:- mailing list San Jose - California Mailing Services provides a wide range of services to accommodate your company or individual needs. We strive for accuracy, quality and quick turnaround time on all mail projects. With the ever changing Postal regulations, California Mailing is here to help you with your direct mail campaigns and insure that you receive all postage discounts available. Contact Details: California Mailing Services, Inc. 2375 Paragon Drive San Jose, CA 95131 4084350990