ManeuverBuddy is a web and mobile application that allows users to hire other users for their moving or pick up needs. Users begin by building a profile and selecting one of the three types of users profiles, the Mover (the person needing something moved or picked up), the Muscle (the person lifting and transporting the items), and the Organizer (the person who packs and organizes your items). All users interested working as Muscle or Organizer will be subject to a background check before they are allowed to conduct moves. The process is simple, if a user would like assistance moving or picking up items like a sofa or even needing help to move in/out of their home, they can send out a request alerting other users within the distance selected. Once the alert is sent, approved users can respond to the request and either accept the calculated rate or counter the offer based on the moving tools they may have (hand truck, dolly, packing materials, etc.) that will make the move quicker and more efficient. Once the move has begun, users can track their items through the site or app and view the route the muscle takes. Providing users with the peace of mind that your things are in the right place. If a Mover doesn't have time to pack up their things, ManeuverBuddy will also allow users to hire organizers who will come to your home before the Muscle arrives to help you pack and sort all your items. Organizers or Movers will be able to catalogue the items in the app so they can keep track of what items are each box. The ManeuverBuddy app will make your life a whole lot easier on moving day by getting you the help you need on moving day while saving you money in the process.