Marks Mattress Cleaning

As cleaning experts with a vast experience in the cleaning industry, there is one thing our cleaners and staff knows for sure that all mattresses, upholstery and carpets definitely contain dust mites and allergens regardless how frequently you vacuum and clean your mattress or how often you change your sheets, there is absolutely no means you can totally get rid of the dust, dead skin cells, pet dander and other substances that piles up through regular usage. We spend a bit of our lives on our mattresses and having your mattress professionally cleaned by a reliable cleaning service can have remarkable effect on your health. Dust mites like dark, warm and humid conditions and you can actually be exposed to up to 2 million mites in your mattress, the average size of a dust mite being just 0.3 millimeters. We clean and wash just about everything we come into contact with including clothes, carpets, windows and cars. Our mattresses which we sleep on night after night, year after year, are unfortunately neglected. A mattress cover alone won't protect you or your mattress against dust mites.