Marlene Ariss

I am a retired public servant, who just cannot seem to stop working, in some way or other. I have started many projects previously, but never brought these to any conclusion. There is one field, however, that has always interested me greatly, and this knowledge I would like to share with other readers, who might be helped in their own daily working and personal lives. Having travelled with my late father on trips for his Electrical Engineering the late forties and fifties, I began researching Electrical Power Tools, after his death. This was because he had often complained about the time it took him and his colleagues to perform various supposedly simple tasks. Some of his co-workers were in the demolition Industry as well, and they often complained about the discomfort of using weighty Power Tools, for long periods of time. I was, therefore, interested to see what developments there had been in The Power Tool Industry generally, and amongst my studies, Makita Power Tools came to my notice. They are often much lighter than others of a similar design, and seem much more customer-friendly, into the bargain. Users say that Makita Tools may be a little more expensive than others, but their superior specifications soon make that small extra cost pay dividends in the long run. Makita Corporation is a world-renowned company, which designs and sells first-class Power Tools for a range of Industries, and domestic consumer uses. Makita is known for producing first-class products and, in addition, they give top-class sales, and after-sales services. During my research, in forums and on various Internet Marketing sites, I found lots of reviews that praised this brand of Electric Power Tools generally. In particular, I found that these reviews often praised Makita’s technology that uses designs that prove to be safe and comfortable for users, no matter how long the tools are used for. I just know that my father would have loved using these power tools, that are said to save time, money and effort. His construction industry colleagues, would also have been so very grateful to use tools with one of Makita’s latest developments i.e. the Anti- Vibration Technology (A.V.T.). This allows users to work for long periods without the usual tingling and general pain felt in their hands and arms. To spread this knowledge to others, therefore, in recent years I built a web-site to show some of Makita’s most popular products, which I am sure will prove to be invaluable to workmen and DIY enthusiasts, in general. For this reason alone, I do hope that you will take the trouble to read the information I have researched, and that it will be of benefit to you, both in your working and your personal life.