Matina Jewell

Matina Jewell is a transformative leader providing life-changing perspective from the front-line of leadership, resilience and change. Matina earned military accolades in some of the toughest environments on earth and her courageous decision making, values-based leadership and vision for empowering teams continue to transform organisations globally. More than just another incredible life story, Matina’s lessons on leadership, resilience and seeing change as opportunity have transformed some of our largest organisations. Her message of courage continues to empower leaders and transform mindsets from all walks of life. With enthralling footage that she shot on-the-front-line, stories of hardship and invaluable learning from her life-threatening missions, Matina will take you on a journey that will affect long lasting positive impact in your leaders, teams and organisations for years to come. Leave – and lead – with a renewed sense of purpose, passion and perspective to thrive through change. Major Matina Jewell (Retired) CSP is leadership in action.