Kingston-upon-Hull, (February 26, 2010) - MessageStream, the leading provider of hosted email anti-spam services in the UK, now supply The Humber Bridge Board with their spam filtering technology to combat spam. Companies globally fall victim to tiring amounts of spam emails every day, preventing what should be a productive workforce from completing essential day-to-day tasks. MessageStream's speciality in eradicating such emails recently came to the attention of The Humber Bridge Board, an organisation that operates one of the North's most significant landmarks; The Humber Bridge. Despite using software-based spam filter solutions within Microsoft Exchange Server, the organisation was still receiving spam emails every day, which naturally deterred the day's essential tasks from being completed. The time spent filtering through countless junk emails to get to the relevant ones wasted valuable time, until MessageStream was recommended by an IT consultant. Neil Marshall, Business Manager of The Humber Bridge Board, notes that "MessageStream has saved heaps of time for me and my colleagues... To be honest, we hardly know MessageStream is there, which is great. Sometimes I'm asked about emails that they haven't received and I am able to log into MessageStream to find out what happened to them. It is excellent. It just works, and is very easy to use. I would certainly recommend it to other businesses and organisations." Nick Marshall of MessageStream adds: "The Humber Bridge is a well-known landmark, and we're delighted to help the administration staff there solve their day-to-day email filtering problems. MessageStream is increasingly the default anti spam solution adopted by IT services companies across the UK. Once working, very few businesses ever return to on-site email filtering. It really is that good." For more information about MessageStream, visit or phone 0800 075 5577