Mexican dental clinic

Tijuana Dental Art Center, is a Mexican dental clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. it staffed by highly trained, board certified dentists. Our office, has been recently remodeled, and you will find that it is very nice and has modern equipment. You can see by the photos scattered through thr website that we have very nice facilities. Our dentists are certified by the Mexican board of dentistry, and are licensed to do dentistry in Mexico. Our primary dentist is Dr. Humberto Miyano. He has many years of experience, and participates in on going training seminars and courses in order to stay up to date with the latest tecniques in dentistry. Dr. Miyano idoes not only do general and cosmetic dentistry, but is trained to do dental implants., and root canals. as the primary dentist, he also has the responsibility to supervise the work of the other staff dentists and specialists.