Mid-Eastern Industries

Since 1959, Mid-Eastern Industries has been the world leader in Linear Power Supply design and manufacture. Offering a full line of programmable and non programmable Linear Power Supplies, the company serves military and industrial applications which require high precision and low noise DC power sources with optional RS232, RS485, RJ45 or IEEE-488 communication protocol. The company is the leading choice of the US Navy for highly complex linear power systems, as well as a preferred supplier of linear multi-rack power systems for control systems as used in the pharmaceutical, oil, process control, automation, and high power audio amplification industries. Mid-Eastern Industries has an extensive library of designs, and has in-house transformer and sheet metal fabrication capabilities which enable us to offer custom designs at lower engineering costs with quicker deliveries. Any of our standard power supplies can be quickly modified (even for small quantity orders) for non standard output voltage range, increased power or custom enclosures. The end result is quick prototype delivery for modular, bench mount, rack mount or cabinet type units suitable for custom requirements including severe environment and wide temperature range. Tapping into the resources of the parent company enables ME to perform thermal analysis, 3D drawings and structural analysis as well.