MIE Solutions

MIE Solutions (www.mie-solutions.com) Manufacturing Software systems . Offering MIE Trak ERP software, QuoteIT estimating Software, MIE Docs File and Document Management software, MIE Exchange B2B web portal solutions. MIE Solutions (www.mie-solutions.com) is a leading software provider of Estimating, ERP/MRP , Document Management, File Management, B2B web portal software solutions. MIE Trak ERP from MIE Solutions(www.mie-solutions.com) is a proven, user-friendly Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software designed for manufactures, job shops, fabricators, machine shops, custom and mixed mode manufactures. MIE TRAK is a completely integrated manufacturing software solution that is easy to use and implement QuoteIT -Estimating software- Free trial! - Best estimating system in the manufacturing industry MIE Docs – Market leading File & Document Management Software -1st User Free at http://www.mie-solutions.com/miedocs.html