Minds Matter of Los Angeles

Founded in 2010, Minds Matter of Los Angeles is a not-for-profit college access organization that provides a rigorous academic program for academically-achieving high school students from low-income families typically annually earning less than $25,000. Students enroll as sophomores and, for three years, spend every Saturday throughout the school year developing skills and enhancing academic performance to prepare for college success and beyond. Since launching four years ago, Minds Matter of Los Angeles has grown to support 54 low-income students in achieving their dream of a college education. 100% of graduating students have been accepted into leading four-year universities, including, Cornell, UC Berkeley, UC Los Angeles, Pomona College, Stanford, Swarthmore, Williams College, and many others. The Minds Matter program includes: - Tutoring in math, writing and critical thinking - Standardized test preparation - Dedicated mentoring - Formal leadership development - Financial literacy skills - Life skills workshops and outside speakers - Participation in leading academic summer programs around the country and world - Guidance through college admissions and financial aid processes