Minuteman Watch Co

About Minuteman Watch Co. Here is some information about our brand and its efforts to raise funds for veterans. We created our Minuteman brand for 3 key reasons. To raise funds for charities that assist Veterans and their families. 25% of the profit from each Minuteman product we sell goes to charities assisting veterans & their Families. To provide work for Americans whenever we can. To provide a quality product that will stand the test of time. All of our DLC and PVD coated Minuteman MM0 series models are currently being coated by Ionbond in the United States of America. We believe Ionbond is the best in the business. Each of our MM0 series models now comes with a high quality American made leather watch strap. All of our watches are currently built in the United States at 2 locations. One shop is located in Gurnee, IL and the other is located in Quincy, IL. The other shop located in Quincy IL also has a retail store front which carries our brand. Both shops are owned and operated by long time watchmakers who are CMW21™ – Certified Master Watchmaker of the 21st Century rated by the American Watchmakers and Clock-makers Institute. This is the highest level of certification the AWCI currently offers. Not only that, but both shop owners have this rating. In addition, they also train and test other watchmakers who are trying to attain this top rating. Our MM0 series models are tested to higher standards. For example most brands offering water resistant watches at our price point only perform a dry vacuum test to check water resistance. Here is a simplified version of the types of tests performed on our MM0 models. Dry vacuum test: Most brands offering water resistant watches at our price point only perform a dry vacuum test to check water resistance. Wet test: We test to 300 meters despite the fact our MM0 series is rated for just 200 meters. This exceeds ISO standards. Humidity test: Our watches must meet Rolex standards. This particular test is very important to us as we have found after many years of selling various brands of watches through our retail company, that most leak issues are actually due to a humidity issue, rather than an actual leak. Each watch is shipped in a quality padded zipper case which is also made in the United States. We believe most watch boxes leave buyers with a dilemma. Should I keep the bulky box which only is good for holding the watch that came in it or throw it away? Most watch collectors keep the boxes. As watch collectors typically have several wrist watches this leaves them with several watch boxes cluttering their lives. In answer to this, our watches come with the padded zipper cases which take up less room than your typical watch box. We also feel the cases can be re-used to protect a variety of delicate and precious items. In addition to this we believe that watches are also better protected in our cases than they typically are in a conventional box. We continue to make refinements to our product, which results in a high quality product while still maintaining our pricing.