Morrison’s Auto Parts Inc.

Morrison’s Auto Inc. was started in 1958 by Bob Morrison while on vacation from his job at Harrison Chevrolet. It actually began as Bob’s Auto Repair, and then Bob got into some towing and started to acquire some cars so there began the salvage part of the business. Bob’s dream grew from a one stall garage in Fulton to what are now 8 buildings on 16 acres with 40 employees. Bob passed away in 1998, but his dream continues to grow every day with 4 of his children, 6 grandchildren, a son in law, and a daughter in law working there helping to keep the dream alive. Bob’s wife, Bea is there every day also looking over things, and helping to keep things running smoothly as well. At Morrison’s Auto Inc. we strive to treat our customers with the utmost respect, and deliver a quality recycled used auto part at a great price. We have 7 full time salespeople ready and waiting to help you find the part you need to get your vehicle up and running again. We have thousands of parts in stock and ready to go, and if we don’t have the part you are looking for we can usually find it for you with the help of our nationwide parts locating system. We have the inventory of about 1200 other yards right at our finger tips. Remember we are just a phone call away. We ship all over the United States via Spee Dee Delivery , UPS, Fed Ex, and other common carriers. No part is too big or too small we can find and ship just about anything. We specialize in all makes and models from Chevys to Mercedes, small cars to big trucks, economy to luxury we recycle them all. Morrison’s Auto also has many new factory take off parts in stock, and some aftermarket parts on the rack and ready to go. Maybe you don’t want to fix your vehicle and you are looking at retiring it. Well give us a call for that also and we will give you a quote on salvage value of your vehicle. Morrison’s Auto has new vehicles arriving daily trying to make sure that we have everything you may need.