Multifamily Broadband Council

The Multifamily Broadband Council is the only trade association representing the experts who deliver unique, personalized broadband solutions to Multifamily communities. Multifamily Broadband Council is the voice for all non-franchised companies and their vendors that provide broadband-related services to Multifamily communities. Our organization serves as a platform for all active broadband participants in this market to learn, engage and enhance their broadband technologies for this specialized audience. We are a technology agnostic organization. Our members deliver several technologies to multifamily communities such as wireless, cable modem, DSL, Active Ethernet and Fiber-to-the-Home. The companies that support the operators and service providers include manufacturers, content providers, distributors, network engineers, equipment suppliers and consultants. Some of the most influential companies in the industry serve on our board and guide our organization. Our goal as a trade association is to capture the needs of our members to help them be more efficient, have better market share and generate more revenue. Our education, conference, networking and technology solutions are specialized and targeted toward the Multifamily market, whether it be traditional, student housing, senior housing, assisted living or military housing. MBC is positioned to have an audience with the FCC. When important issues arise, our collective resources are able to get things accomplished that smaller companies would not be able to achieve on their own. We are the voice of the independent broadband providers working in the MDU space.