MusicIncite, Ltd.

About MusicIncite, Limited MusicIncite, Ltd., was founded in 2013, with the vision to empower musical development for all interested in western-cultured music and to nurture musical progress in improvisation and composition around the world, as well as provide excellent tools for technique practice. We believe that everyone should be equipped to join in the global conversation that is music. Our flagship music software platform is designed for all musicians who want a fast, effective, and transparent way to learn, explore, and practice music, without the need for music notation. Emuso/Studio can be used as a stand-alone or a complementary adjunct to music education that employs music notation. It empowers musicians to see, hear, and play on-instrument even when their notation-reading skills and instrument knowledge are underdeveloped. We have employed natural learning processes that surface through innovations in media synchronization and through the user interface design. For more information visit: For 2-Minute Video: