Mussa Lema

San Francisco, CA October 31, 2012: The United States is one of the richest and most advanced nations on the planet, yet we’re facing one of the largest calamities in history, and if American citizens don’t take a stand, the current financial crisis will bring the U.S. to its knees. Washington claims that party divisions led to a stalemate in Congress, but it took votes from both parties to provide bailout money to banks—the same banks that created and continue to benefit from the financial crisis. Budget War advocates the proclamation of a state of emergency in the U.S. in order to impose control measures on banks, the healthcare industry, energy providers, and Wall Street. The measures in our proposal would have an immediate impact on America’s economy without causing any lasting harm to the giant corporations involved. The Basics of the Budget War Proposal: 1) Immediate resumption of full unemployment benefits for all unemployed Americans 2) Suspension of interest rates on residential mortgages, personal, and student loans, beginning in November 2012. 3) Immediate establishment of a college fund to make attendance at all public colleges free for American citizens 4) Immediate suspension of all home foreclosures 5) No increase of the retirement age until at least 2028 6) No increase of the payroll tax in order to balance the budget 7) No tax on essential goods or services costing less than $100 We must take action—before the election! The task may seem too daunting for us as individuals, but it can be done—if we stand together as American citizens. If Congress instituted our proposal, the U.S. could overcome its financial crisis in six months or less. We’re asking every American to join us in a call for the president to proclaim a state of emergency in our country, thereby forcing lawmakers to pass the above proposal—before the election. For more information about the Budget War proposal, contact us at or at 888-202-9590. Publisher Name: Mussa Lema Company Name: Budget War Street: PO Box 15894 City: San Francisco State: California Zip Code: 94115 Country: USA Phone: 888-202-9590 Email: Website: # # #