My Eternal Family Tree LLC

My Eternal Family Tree LLC offers BioUrn™, an affordable, green burial option for earth conscious consumers who are looking for a way to reduce their carbon footprint, while honoring the memory of a beloved family member. BioUrn™ is a handmade, biodegradable urn that holds the entirety of a pet or loved one's cremated remains along with soil and the seed from a tree or flowering shrub, chosen from a wide variety, available our website. Once buried, the seed will germinate and a memorial tree grows as a living tribute to your beloved family member. Invented by a pet lover, and introduced at the 2014 Western Veterinary Conference, BioUrn™ was embraced and seen as a loving way to create a “circle-of-life” experience for a grieving family. The preparation of the BioUrn™ is so simple that the whole family (including small children) can participate in its burial, making the loss of a pet more of a celebration, creating new life with a living tribute to their beloved companion. Originally conceived as a pet product, BioUrn™ has quickly captured the attention of the human funeral industry as well. Considering the lack of available real estate, and the harmful effect that caustic embalming chemicals have on the soil as they seep into the ground following a traditional burial, today's savvy earth- conscious consumers are looking for a burial option that is earth-friendly. My Eternal Family Tree is registered in California with the Veteran Owned Business directory. BioUrn™ is handmade in the USA, with a US Patent pending. Visit our website and ask yourself, "What tree would I be?"