NABUfit Global, Inc. (NBFT)

NABUfit Global Inc. is a public company (OTCQB:CPSN) traded on the over the counter electronic bulletin board. Incorporated in May 1983 and actively traded for the past 18 years. NABUfit Global entered into the company as a reverse merger in November 2015. NABUfit develops a state-of-the-art online fitness portal and a mobile app with the option of connecting existing and future monitoring devices (wearables etc.). NABUfit applies world class sport stars in our on-line portal as mentors. The goal of NABUfit is to facilitate easy access to state of art on-line training and state of the art on-line advise on correct nutrition and not the least at a low price. Our customers shall be able to have their health top of mind, when they get up in the morning ? and top of mind, when the go to bed. Everything based on real time data from the mentors they chose on our on-line platform and from the devices they choose to help them reaching their goals of having a better health applying NABUfit. The solution will serve as an online portal and app where health and well-being are the focal points. It will be a dynamic platform with an option for personal data collection, coaching and teaching through mentor services. NABUfit follows up on the goals defined by the members themselves or together with a mentor. NABUfit will be made active for public use in a mobile app during 2015 and the entire online fitness platform shall be launched end of 2016.