Navvayd Tea

Beautiful ventures have beautiful stories behind them. So grab a cup of tea from the best tea brand in India – Navvayd; as we enumerate to you why we started Navvayd. Based at the foothills of popular tea haven – Darjeeling, we have been in the business of tea for a long long time, primarily in the wholesale B2B sector. Being associated with tea, for long, we knew exactly what “good quality tea” was all about. But it was surprising, even shocking, that in the country, which is the second-largest tea producer of tea in the world after China, good quality tea was available to drinkers only at 5-star restaurants. Even after paying the money for good quality tea, consumers were being sold blended varieties from tea companies. When we heard many close associates, friends, and family complain that an expensive green tea tasted bitter, we just knew that something was wrong! This is the stage in which we decided to make that difference by delivering to our customers, without the aid of middlemen, really good quality tea at reasonable price.