Naybr, Inc is a live web app in beta (with iOS version launching April 1) that allows any user to post a job at a price they name. Think "Garage clean out", "Mow Lawn", "Power Wash Deck" and other odd jobs that don't require a licensed pro. Members can work and post jobs. A worker can accept any job in their area so long as they meet the poster's rating criteria (4 stars or higher, etc). When a user accepts a job we initiate communication between the job poster and user via one time use phone number on which users can text each other without divulging their personal phone numbers. All communication and payment is handled via the application using an in app messaging system, Twilio API, and Stripe for both charging cards and paying workers via ACH. Naybr's revenue model is a 20% finders fee that comes out of the job price before we pay the worker. Additionally, Naybr charges a job poster, the price they set plus a $2 safe jobs fee once the work is completed. This $2 fee helps to cover the cost of the Twilio phone numbers and subsequent messages that are used each time a job is accepted by a worker.