NewMomentum, Inc

Outsourcing and globalization have brought many benefits to high tech manufacturers, but there’s also a downside — enterprise risks are increasing. Particularly if a company is outsourcing to a low cost region, there is greater risk of counterfeits, gray market sales, and lower than MAP sales. Having worked with manufacturers in a number of industries including high tech, pharmaceuticals and luxury goods, and with enterprise and supply chain software, our management team recognized that providing an effective ERM solution meant filling the “white space,” the gap between supply chain planning solutions and product lifecycle management software. That’s why we developed an advanced web mining and reporting technology that gives companies visibility beyond their enterprise, beyond their supply chain into the global, open market, and provides them with prioritized, actionable data. The data we provide helps companies: combat counterfeits; gray market sales; regain margins lost to channel violation; see price; availability and lead time trends that assist in strategic planning. At New Momentum we’ve brought together experts who understand the high tech, pharmaceutical, luxury goods industries and your enterprise risk management needs.