Nexeraa Technologies

Nexeraa Technologies is an open-sourced, non-programmer's freeware development platform that is seeking to transform the lives of everyday people in our world today. Developed with everyday people in mind, Aatos, this drag-and-drop software solution will be freely accessible through the Free Community Platform. Regular people can go into Aatos, drag-and-drop what they would like the application to mimic through a desktop, and sit back while the software provides the support and confidence these people need to feel valued in a digital age. Our Company's Motto is, Program for Humanity, Not for Profit. Nexeraa aim to provide life-changing opportunities for everyday people, through an Open-Sourced Non-Programmers Freeware development with community sharing platform, a desktop based drag-and-drop automation application, a software application with unlimited automating potential allowing users with a computer and a basic knowledge of internet know-how to make more value-added tasks. At Nexeraa we strive to leading and educating the world to achieve fully digitalized future without forgetting each and every individuals, creating a "Fair" balance by opening up the same solution used by corporations to reduce cost and preparing the society towards the unlimited potential of desktop-based automation and beyond. A technology to free up time for individual's true talent, value-add and for more human interactions. Our stand: Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime" We are living in an extraordinary time, when a small group can make a difference in the lives of a billion people. There's so much energy when there's something bigger than yourself to serve.