Nleader LLC

Nleader LLC is a wed development and outsourcing solutions company primarily dedicated to the parking industry. The company was started in 2001 as an internet and niche website portal designer. Today these "niche portals" are termed social media websites and the field was later termed web development. Nleader LLC goal was to build niche websites that would gain popularity and then sell them to larger corporations for profit. At the same time the mission of the company was driven by the passion and purpose to help small/medium sized businesses/business owners succeed! Gradually the company started to offer services to individuals and small businesses, but stuck to its web development roots as its core business offering. Later the founder Walter K. Newman started working for an Information Technology outsourcing firm as a consultant for municipal parking. He discovered there was a shortage of web development for the parking industry and created a parking software as a service. After this project and years of using freelance websites for additional programming it accrued to our founder why not use this model for buying and selling everything, but add a social aspect to it. Thus, our main product was born. Supply or is a gig economy site with a special emphasis on pictures, videos, and social media posting of gigs. The site is for anyone looking for suitable ways to earn money based on their skills, while providing savings for members looking for products or services to fit their budget.