Now Discount LLC

NowDiscount is a free, innovative app that gives shoppers the best of both worlds – online prices at local retailers. Everyone wants to get the best deal, however, much of the time the lowest prices are provided by online merchants. Sometimes the lower price maybe worth the trade-offs: waiting several days to receive the item, lack of customer support and all the headaches associated with exchanging/refunding an item. However, the best of both worlds would be to have the immediate satisfaction and peace-of-mind buying from a local retailer AND pay the lowest price. NowDiscount has been developed to do just that. It locates the lowest online price for any item then finds a local retailer willing to match that price. Everybody wins-- shoppers get the items they want for the best price, support their local economy and local retailers keep their customers. No other shopping app – and there are many – provides this capability. The NowDiscount app is designed to be simple and intuitive to use, including all the information users need to make an informed buying decision.