NuAxon Bioscience, Inc.

Our story … We are the American subsidiary of an Indian corporate group called the Nisarga Biotech Group. All of our corporate officers own shares in the company and because of that we are owned and operated by an herbalist, an engineer, and a disabled combat veteran of the US Army. We are focused on bringing a powerful new idea to the world, one that embraces the wisdom of ancient Ayurveda as well as the vision of ultra-modern technology. Our mission is to give the world hope, through the use of plants in a wise and traditional sense to combat the ravages of the current environment and the pressures of modern life. By making Ayurveda and the herbal traditions of India more available and acceptable to the US and western medicine. Corporate Values - At the heart of everything we do … Environmental Responsibility We are stewards of our planet and as such we practice organic and biodynamic farming, but our commitment to the planet goes far beyond the growth of today's herbs and spices. Our sister company in the Nisarga Biotech Group has been involved in creating organic farming products for decades and not only do we use these products on our own farm but we also market them around the world at below market prices to help solve the fiscal difficulties of becoming an organic grower. We carry our dedication for the planet to our manufacturing as well. We practice safe environmentally responsible extraction by using CO2 extraction when possible and water or alcohol when required. By avoiding the use of hexane and acetone and by recycling the CO2 used, we are reducing our toxic waste to a negligible level and keeping our commitment to future generations by delivering a healthy planet for them to live on. Conscious Purchasing As a member of the Nisarga Biotech Group we are a part of sustaining a wonderful way of life for over 250 Indian families near Mumbai and for helping to preserve the planet for the next generation. Our goals are not only financial in nature, we are also looking to build a sustainable long-term revenue engine for everyone in our chain of supply. Be thoughtful in your purchasing so that groups like ours can continue to build a better tomorrow with sustainable actions today. The Nisarga Biotech Group is certified by IMOswiss AG, under the Fair for Life program. Fair for Life goes beyond traditional fair trade by applying fair trade principles to relevant domestic or regional trade and by requiring ethical working conditions along the entire trade chain. Fair for Life certified products are only handled by companies that demonstrate decent working conditions for all their staff, and are committed to fair sourcing practices. In response to this charge we pay our workers 20% more than the average wage for their position. Organic Farming Our operation is truly sustainable, not only do we grow herbs and spices on our own certified organic farm but we have organized and educated the farmers all around us on organic and sustainable practices. The Nisarga Biotech Group has even paid the fees associated with getting the certification, this is an expense the farmers in that area could never have afforded on their own. We have also contracted with these farmers to grow and supply us with the herbs and spices necessary to maintain our supplies even through massive growth.