Oistr.com is a Rich Internet Application (RIA) mashup combining social networking and mapping. The main focus of the site is facilitating travel. We use a system of pins placed on a map where each pin presents a summary of the location, including rich multimedia content and reviews. Our cutting-edge proprietary system encourages users to submit and share videos, photos, and Virtual Reality Panoramas (VRs). The future of marketing online is the conversation between users and businesses; Oistr.com is designed to facilitate this conversation. Our site aggregates content from many sources including reviews and real-world experiences from its users. They can create trips and share travel experiences with others. They can also use the site to book a complete travel itinerary visually, including transport, entertainment, and accommodation, all using our special interface. Users are also encouraged in a variety of ways to invite their friends and acquaintances to get involved. We provide the tools to research and book a trip, and the ability for users to share their experiences with friends.