One Plus Management Limited

One Plus Management Limited is a Hong Kong registered company, 100% stakeholder of Zhongshan Rising Lian Ya Limited ( "Rising" ) in 2012. One Plus is acting as a Hong Kong hub for all Import and Export businesses outside China for Rising Lian Ya Limited. “Rising” established in 1994 from a small factory for POSM. It started P&G POSM supplies in 2001. After 25 years solid experiences in POSM business, Rising has been developed and equipped with its own creative/engineering design, prototyping production, manufacturing, logistic, warehousing, installation, after sales maintenance services professional team in retail sector. Design: Our company has 9 in-house professional designers based in Zhongshan. They come up with various designs for conceptual 3D and media. Our designers are able to transform a critical design into a practical prototype within a reasonable time period and budget. Prototype: One Plus possesses a 2,500 sq.m. development center containing well equipped machines with the capability of developing prototypes with various materials. A product testing lab is located within the development center which ensures the quality and guarantees the durability of our product. Production:One Plus is located in an industrial park of 270,000 sq.m equipped with metal, wood, plastic injection, printing, acrylic fabrication factories for mass production. Our production line provides an online quality check team and an individual quality assurance team that ensures our customer’s requirements are met. Warehouse & Logistics: Our company’s Creative Industrial Park, covering over 11,500 square meters, provides an immense storage space for your products. Rising’s Intranet based tracking system links to our ERP system which automatically tracks the quantity of the product requested. With a cosmopolitan business market that reaches out to more than 50 countries, we are able to cooperate with various freight forwarders and arrange shipping for you under FOB, CIF, DAP, DDP terms. Installation: We have over 240 local installation service teams that covers all the provinces in China. At the same time, we also cover Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and more Asian countries for our installation service. After-sales: We provide an after-sales service which responds within 24 hours on weekdays. Clients can contact our after-sales inquiries service through our website, email and hotline no matter where they are.