Our long term focus is on the protein transition and growing food through sustainable technologies and methods. We believe community & industry relationships are key to providing long term sustainable food security. It also ensures community support, access to sites for development, inclusion of local agricultural knowledge and industries, local institutional support, employment, distribution. Localization opportunities in a global context will also allow South-South food chain development in regions that are disaster prone and climate change affected. OneFarm combines knowledge about food and plant pharma, technology, infrastructure and data to enable local communities with their own secure food supply. We have a strong focus on energy sustainability, eliminating waste and CO2 reduction. The data produced will reinforce the open source feedback learning system, allowing better seed selection, growing methods, reducing carbon footprint while optimizing safety, health and predictability of products. ? So, are you looking to feed your community, city, hospital, institution or invest in them by introducing vertical farming then let's talk.”