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Facebook is a very popular social networking website and a rapidly growing media to increase your business presence on the internet. It is nowadays used as an online marketing tool to promote business and draw visitors to your company website. Creating Facebook fan pages is the latest trend of advertising your various products and services on the web. Hence, it is essential to design appealing Facebook fan pages to attract clients and business associates, and build your brand image. Facebook allows users to create several Facebook pages with unlimited number of fans. So, you can create distinct Facebook pages for each service and product with a preferred URL. A personalized Facebook fan page helps to improve the SEO value of your Facebook page and increase its rank in search engines; thereby listing your business website higher and making it quickly accessible to search engine visitors. Customized Facebook Page Another advantage of creating a facebook page for your business is that the viewer need not be a Facebook member. Any person interested in your business can view your Facebook page, explore your products or services; obtain all the related information of your company and submit inquiry form etc.Most of Facebook fan pages are similar with a standard layout, consisting of general tabs named wall, info, events, discussions, photos etc. Designing a customized Facebook page with name of the tabs related to your business product or service such as ‘About Us’, ‘Services’, ‘Enquire’, ‘Contact’ etc.; will enhance your online presence. Many successful facebook pages use custom tabs that just looks like a professionally designed website; to market their products or services, watch demos and presentations, enter information etc. A trendy Facebook fan page reflects your business image in the virtual and real world. Hence, preparing a customized Facebook page is an ideal way to have an edge over your competitors; and increase the back links as well as the page rank of your website. Opal Infotech is a SEO web design company with a team of web designers and SEO experts to deliver aesthetic and custom Facebook pages.For further details view http://www.webmasterindia.com/facebook_design.htm.