Orla Kelly Publishing

At Orla Kelly Publishing, we offer a professional independent personal book publishing service and have successfully helped authors to publish bestsellers and award winning books on the indie platforms. Everything from qualified editing, cover design to the final hardcopy print is included. We do this by helping writers plan, proof, edit and perfect their final draft in a stress free way. We are dedicated to providing the support pre and post print to help authors reach their ideal readers and make the impact they want to with additional resources that will help them promote effectively and with positive impact. We enjoy working with and supporting writers who want to tell their stories in an authentic way. We work with authors of fiction and non fiction content and from all walks of life and backgrounds. Ultimately, we take your story to print smartly, simply and successfully. The finished product is a hardcopy on an authors coffee table, a copy that stands out online and one that will stand strong on the book shelf.