How To Use Hair Wax Step 1: Take a small amount of wax. Don’t take to much as you will slowly layer more and more so a little is best at first. Step 2: Massage the wax or pomade in the palm of both your hands. Making the wax warm will help application and as wax is a hard product you will need to do this before it is ready to apply. How To Apply Wax To Hair Step 3: Start by slowly brushing the wax on the outer surface of your hair. So much so that your hair is covered in a thin layer of wax, but do not yet run through your hair with your fingers. As wax is hard to wash out you would rather have not enough and add more than the other way round. Hair Wax Styling Step 4: Now use your fingers to run through your hair and style as you wish. If you have any stray hairs take a tiny bit of product and comb them into the desired place. Remember to much could be a problem. So make sure not to add to much. For a quick tutorial on how to style your hair. View the tutorial below.