PAGG - Pan Africa Gaming Group

The Pan Africa Gaming Group (PAGG) is a network of the top game development talent from across the continent. Together we represent over 200 professionals and 8 different languages. Our team have 30yrs of experience for some of the top gaming companies globally, including Ubisoft, Electronic Arts & Aardman Animation. Together, we cover over 270 million African Youth (15-35yrs) in our initial nine countries, with more than 100 million 4G connected smartphones. We have produced more mobile, PC & console games than anyone else on the continent. Most importantly, all of our network members have made a pledge to #GamingForGood, harnessing the power of gamification to create positive social impact in our many communities. Our Made In Africa Games entertain, engage and educate. By harnessing the power of gamification, we’re creating fun ways to solve some of the continent’s challenges including education, healthcare, women’s empowerment and climate change. At their core though, all of our games are FUN to play, and culturally relevant to the local communities that we serve. PAGG Studios around Africa include: South Africa Sea Monster Senegal Kayfo Games Cameroon Kiro'o Games Ghana Leti Arts Tunisia Digital Mania Ethiopia Qene Games Kenya Usiku Games Tanzania Khanga Rue Rwanda DopeApps African Diaspora Masseka Games There are only three markets globally with the potential for 1+ Billion players: China, India and now Africa. Amongst the three, Africa has the youngest population (median ages: Africa-19.7yrs, China-38yrs, India – 28.4yrs) and thus the largest potential for the gaming industry. However, in order for the market to reach its full potential will require coordinated efforts, regulations and investment. As a disparate set of indie studios, there was no way we could achieve that, but with our powers combined we will become a substantial force for good.