Pakotec Samples

PAKOTEC SAMPLES is a leading sound design production house.Pakotec's diverse and wide range of top notch expertise have translated into platinum sales of best selling sample packs. Pakotec Samples is also a subsidiary of 'Pakotec Productions'. Over the last few years we have dedicated ourselves to music and all it's surroundings. The pursuit of our lives is after better quality sound and understand the meaning of quality music. Through feedback from producers and composers, we identified a significant problem afflicting the modern music industry: The internet is rife with low quality, non usable samples often sold in gargantuan packs. We created a line of extra high quality, focused and detailed sample packs for the discerning professional. Accordingly, these samples have become the benchmark for the new wave of samples used by top producers, as evidenced in our testimonials. We started this company four years ago and develop our own technique to make better tools for producers and help you reach high quality productions. In this Store you will find comprehensive range of Samples Packs for download, Drum Samples, Apple Loops, MIDI Loops, Synth Sounds, Video Tutorials and more. Our products available for you 24/7. Your download links will become available for you after your payment has been received.