Amazing Breakthrough in Mental Health Treatment Australian company unlocks the equivalent of sound DNA NeuroSonica Pty Ltd has pioneered the most significant worldwide development for the treatment of Mental Health with their Proprietary Audio. It’s NOT meditation or relaxation audio, you can get that anywhere. SmartSound & the newly released Panic-Shifter offer on demand treatment for a range of Mental Health issues such as Anxiety & Panic while they are happening. No skills or training are needed. As an audio download you simply listen through stereo headphones or good quality ear buds and let it work automatically on your body, brain and mind. So how does it work Panic Shifter helps disrupt and ‘disengage’ the brainwave and psychological patterns typically associated with panic and anxiety. As its evidence-based sound technologies calm your body, brain and mind it becomes much easier to regain your sense of control, stability and equilibrium. And, if you need more intensive assistance during an episode, simply replay it until you feel a definite ‘shift’. To achieve this remarkable result the principals of the company spent some 14 years of self-funded R&D which evolved along multidisciplinary lines, a synthesis informed by psychoacoustics, the arts, music therapy, disciplines including auditory cognitive neuroscience, and hospital-based EEG validation. Uniquely multifunctional, it combines a range of evidence-based audio technologies and processes. TGA Approval The actual results achieved in real world situations have subsequently been further enhanced With the 2016 inclusion into the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. NeuroSonica SmartSound is the World's First, government regulated medical audio of its kind. I have anxiety but worry I can’t afford treatment. I can’t afford treatment so that causes me to have anxiety. You can’t use the same methodology to fix a problem that causes it. The problem with Therapists Firstly cost, the average charge for an hourly appointment is over $100. So if you need counselling once a week it will cost you over $5000 per year, add to that medication costs and the total can be more than $10,000 per year. Clearly a sum very few can afford. Secondly availability, in most case you can’t access a therapist when you need one. You have to make an appointment often days in advance, so if you need to talk to someone whilst you are having a panic attack your likely out of luck. Panic-Shifter fixes both of these issues. Once downloaded onto a phone or device you can listen to it anywhere anytime for on demand relief, and at only 65 cents per day on a yearly subscription it is most surely affordable. Panic-Shifter can: • Help interrupt and disengage anxious thoughts and feelings • Promote a quieter mind and focused, present moment awareness • Quickly calm fight or flight brainwave patterns and boost soothing relaxing ones • Facilitate rapid physiological relaxation, daily wellbeing & resilience with regular use. Panic-Shifter gives you instant, on-demand help for panic and anxiety at the touch of a button. It’s short but powerful, however if you want more intensive assistance simply replay it until you feel a ‘shift’ for the better! Get Well & Make Money Not only do we offer a treatment for anxiety, we also provide an opportunity to earn an income from our Affiliates program. If you simply just want to pass on the good news to others suffering from Anxiety or operate on a commercial basis perhaps as an influencer either way our Affiliate program can generate an ongoing passive income for you. “One of our most rewarding Testimonials is below, whilst we are a commercial entity being able to provide such relief to families is the ultimate reward”, Mr Hofman CEO of Panic-Shifter said Headache Relief - after doctors, x-rays, optometry and naturopaths "I wanted to write to thank you for the fantastic product you have developed. I bought the Neurosonica stress/anxiety suite for my daughter who after many visits to doctors, x-rays, CT scans, physio, optometry and naturopathy was told that she is a headache sufferer, should continue to take pain killers (none of which alleviated the pain anyway) and learn to live with the headaches. I bought the suite in the hope that it would help her to deal with the headaches but to my surprise and delight within 2 weeks of listening to the tracks both the frequency and intensity of the headaches decreased. She continues to listen to the tracks regularly and now instead of debilitating headaches that last for days she has occasional mild headaches which she treats successfully by listening to a relaxation track at bed time. We now have our happy, healthy, life loving daughter back... no more pain killers, no more pushing through the pain to get through the day. Thank you. As an unexpected bonus the product has also transformed my sleep. When I was setting the programme up on the lap top I trialled it for a few days myself. I clearly remember the astonishment I felt when I woke up in the morning of the third day of listening to the relaxation track at bed time. I couldn’t remember going to sleep and I couldn’t remember waking in the night. I had taken for granted my sleeping pattern of taking hours to get sleep and waking regularly throughout the night, to me it was normal. I had no idea that sleep could be so refreshing... Thank you again". Sandra B. Spec. Ed., Dip. T