Parsifal Corporation

Parsifal Corporation services and products are in constant global operation in over 120 countries, with corporations, carriers and move managers in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe. Parsifal assists clients in obtaining best in class household goods pricing and quality of service. And, we offer to protect that pricing and quality with expert global auditing. The ReloPricing™ and PRISMgmt™ systems are the most recent technology developments to help you navigate your relocation needs. These tools provide a fully integrated, wing-to-wing solution that reduce friction points by streamlining data exchange and consolidating supply chain interactions. As a result, the digital experience is dramatically improved for the relocating employee, as well as the corporate client, RMC and supplier. Our Mission at Parsifal Corporation is a passion and dedication to our craft, focused on ensuring outstanding accuracy and transparency through quality-driven and innovative technology to all our clients, partners and stakeholders in the global relocation experience.