Paul J. Del Vecchio Construction Consultants, Inc.

ABOUT PAUL J. DEL VECCHIO Paul J. Del Vecchio has more than 35 years experience in Florida project development and construction services. A Florida certified general contractor since 1979, Del Vecchio has overseen construction operations and further provided infrastructure support to private sector clients as well as local, state and federal governments on featured projects that include mid-rise and high-rise condominiums, parking garages, office buildings, shopping malls, hospitals, and government facilities. He serves as a board member for the Construction Industry Licensing Board and is co-author of The Construction Manual, Millenium Edition and The Florida Contractor’s Manual, 2008 Edition. ABOUT PAUL J. DEL VECCHIO CONSTRUCTION CONSULTANTS, INC. Paul J. Del Vecchio Construction Consultants, Inc. provides comprehensive services and technical expertise for development and risk management of construction projects, including project planning, field inspection, litigation support and construction claims analysis. Through concise management and a commitment to solving construction-related issues using a pro-active approach, Paul J. Del Vecchio Construction Consultants, Inc. addresses the unique challenges faced by real estate owners, developers, contractors, attorneys and other professionals within the construction community.