Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers Ltd

General Background The Pegasus Elliot MacKenzie Ltd publishing house has established roots in the historic City of Cambridge. Over many past years it has produced the books of gifted authors from all over the UK and world-wide. Who We Publish Currently, much of the book publishing by larger publishers only relates to established writers and those with celebrity status whereas Pegasus, whilst accounting for the effects of this trend, also produces the work of first-time authors. Being an independent, traditional publisher specialising in quality literature and non-fiction books, the Company numbers amongst its authors those with diverse and excitingly new talents which Pegasus is dedicated to encouraging and promoting. Our publishing house concentrates – for adult and child readers – on the best fiction created by authors from many different parts of the world. They often contribute fascinating details with their diverse talents and use material and experiences from their unusual, exciting backgrounds. Alongside such celebrities as, for example, the many talented writers whose work is currently acclaimed, we have, some well-known newscasters, the author of a highly popular TV series, an acknowledged martial arts expert, a specialist in English spelling, and a popular gardener. Not only do we publish successful first-time authors from this country but we have many from all over the world.