Penerbitan Pelangi Sdn Bhd

PPSB started in 1979 with the publication of supplementary books focusing on past year exam questions and model answers in topical format. Today, PPSB has grown into a multi-million corporation with over 200 staff and an annual group turnover of over RM 50 million. The company's range of books caters to all levels of society, from pre-schoolers to adults, and is exported to many countries. Annually, the company participates in more than 10 international book fairs, and has established publishing agreements with renowned international publishers like Disney, D.C. Comics and DK publishing. PPSB has also translated best sellers like Harry Potter into the Bahasa Malaysia version. Other than publishing, PPSB has also ventured into printing, multimedia and web related businesses. During the year, the company started its e-library and prepaid card service, the first of its kind in Malaysia. The company is also the first Malaysian publisher to be awarded with the ISO 9001:2000 accreditations in Publishing. This accreditation will serve as a platform for the company to further enhance their overseas markets and place the company in a better position to meet any challenges that might arise.