Pennington, Mcclane & Associates

Pennington's representing Miss K, won a major victory against a North West Car Dealership. The Company a 50 million pound a year business had lied and misrepresented a car to Miss K, including clocking the car and then lying about it. Pennington's successfully forced the company to fix the car and pay all out of pocket expenses. The solution to the Case came within 7 days of Pennington's getting involved and was achieved without going to court. Lance, the Contract Specialist who referred the case to Pennington's said. "Today is a victory for common sense and the honest consumer" Kevin Pennington Senior Partner said " When dealing with dishonest firms, it is important that advice is sought. Intervention at an early stage caused the firm to back down and settle fully within 7 days without Miss K incurring a penny in court costs"