Peter Mitchell

Being the original wrong fuel recovery company Fuel Doctor have always been the company others try to emulate. With a team of 45 Fuel Doctor vans covering every corner of the UK from Cornwall to John O Groats they have you covered should you ever put the wrong fuel in your car. For those that have put petrol in their diesel car, its a sinking feeling where everything stops and you need help fast. This is where Fuel Doctor sets themselves apart from the competition. They are the only national fuel drain provider covering every corner of the UK and they also know they can be with you within the hour anywhere in the UK too, something the competition cannot. So, some simple things to follow when you put petrol in your diesel car. 1- Do not turn the key or ignition on, this will the contaminated fuel through to the engine. Dont worry if you already have, we can still flush the wrong fuel out from the engine. 2- Push your car away from the forecourt if you can. If you have already driven away from the forecourt, your car might start jumping, then pull over to a safe place out of obstruction from other vehicles. Your safety is paramount. 3 - Call 0333 444 9000 to call Fuel Doctor who will be with you within the hour to drain the wrong fuel and replace with the right fuel. These 3 steps will help you and us to perform the best fuel drain in the safest environment which is key for everyone involved.