Petrey Novelty

The W.L. Petrey Company was established in 1898 as a retail mercantile business. A natural evolution of change led Petrey into an expansion of its wholesale grocery role., then to further growth with its novelty division, and financial product distribution. Still operated by the same family that founded it more than a hundred years ago, it is now in its sixth family generation of leadership. Petrey Novelty Petrey Novelty is a subsidiary of Petrey Wholesale, and delivers a wide variety of non-grocery products to nearly 4000 convenience store locations nationwide. Whether it is one of our staples such as energy shots or e-cig products, or the latest “in thing” such as fidget spinners, Petrey Novelty keeps our customers’ stores stocked and looking good with our acclaimed direct to store delivery (DSD) service. Petrey Novelty operates three primary warehouses in Birmingham and Petrey, Alabamam and in Phoenix, Arizona. Additionally, it operates 42 satellite warehouses throughout the Southeast, Northeast, Midwest, Southwest, and Northwest regions of the United States.