Physik Instrumente

Piezo: The driving Force The driving force of Nanoscribe’s laser lithography system is a PImars P-563 flexure-guided, piezo-driven nanopositioning XYZ stage from PI. It provides positioning ranges to 300x300x300 microns and nanometer scale repeatability. A parallel-metrology position feedback system based on highly linear capacitive sensors is integrated and allows the sample to be moved precisely and repeatedly in relation to the laser focus. A digital piezo motion controller provides the necessary path control on a nanometric scale. The high accuracy and fast response of the piezoelectric nano positioning stage makes it possible to equip surfaces with particular biometric characteristics or to create microstructures for small pumps and needles.. Typical applications for 3D laser lithography are the creation of three-dimensional structures for cell biology. More information on laser lithography for cell biology More information on XYZ piezo nano-positioning systems