The past couple of years I have been lucky enough to meet some people who have helped me discover who I am. By living their dreams and creating the life they want, they have helped me realize my dreams and the person I want to be. I can be anyone I want. It doesn't matter if others understand it or if it doesn't meet their expectations of me, it makes me happy. It makes me feel alive and that is all that matters. I love people. I love photographs. I love dreams. I love life. That is what these bracelets are to me. They capture a moment of my life with the people I love, the ones that believe in me and I can wear that love around on my "sleeve". ;) Always remember one thing - you can be anyone you want to be. Because these people have been so influential in my life, I want to be that "someone" to others - the only way to live your life is to be yourself. Live the life that makes you happy! Live the life that makes you feel alive! And always remember one thing - you can be anyone you want to be! However, my dream wouldn't be complete without giving back. That is why $1.00 of every bracelet goes to help fulfill someone's dream. When checking out, you simply pick which dream you would like to be a part of in making come true. Go check out our Give Back page and meet our dreamers. The world needs people to be themselves. The world needs people to love. The world needs people to dream. We live in a world where love and common decency don't seem to matter much, but to those of us who care, we can make a difference! One picture, one dream and one dollar at a time. Heidi Gibbs Owner PicktureThat LLC