Pixels & Picas

To narrow the bridge between quality service and affordability, between longstanding relationships and impersonal client relations, to fuse technology with traditional media. This is why Pixels & Picas was created. We help our clients leverage the power of design, technology, and social networking to establish and propel their brands beyond expectations. With a combined 30 years of creative experience and marketing prowess, our team was assembled from a group of former colleagues and partners that have collaborated successfully over the years. We have brought our talents together for the sole purpose of creating a modern, strategic, and research driven solution for our clients. We tailor our services to fit the unique needs of our clients no matter their size or realm of business. As Creative Consultants, we determine how well your brand performs in your target market. We make sure your brand is current aesthetically, technically, and strategically. We rise to the challenges brought on by our clients and customize a unique strategy for any business model. More importantly, we look forward to and appreciate the long standing relationships we create. Pixels & Picas specializes in Creative Consulting, Brand Management, Social Media Management, Graphic Design, Web Development, and Multi-Media Production. For more information visit our website and drop us a line!