Pocket Lens

Pocket Lens is a fast-growing, startup company that was founded in 2014 by a pair of avid photographers who love to take high-quality pictures on the go. The idea behind Pocket Lens was born out of a desire to be able to capture stunning pictures of the city of Paris without having to carry heavy, cumbersome equipment. Their philosophy is that because memorable moments often happen by chance when all that you have to capture them is your mobile phone, it’s so important that your phone is ready to take the best pictures it possibly can at all times. Along with their team, they have developed two lenses for mobile devices, to date, and intends to launch more models in the very near future. The Pocket Lens Team is proud of the fact that its lenses are not only fun, easy to use and great quality, but that they are also supremely affordable compared to other lenses on the market. Check out Pocket Lens on Amazon.com, visit their product website – http://www.Pocket-Lens.com/ or call the team on 00 33 7 82 55 21 63.