Post Growth Institute

The Post Growth Institute is an international group exploring and inspiring paths to global prosperity that don’t rely on economic growth. Outcomes have included creating Free Money Day: an annual global event since 2011 that has, so far, involved people in 280 locations (41 countries) handing their own money to strangers, asking them to pass half on, in order to inspire economies based on sharing; co-developing the (En)Rich List: a parody of the Forbes Rich list, showcasing 100 inspirational people who have made enriching contributions to truly sustainable futures; launching the Post Growth Challenge: a competition offering a small amount of money, consultancy and promotional support for the best world(view) changing idea for deep sustainability; assembling the Post Growth Alliance: a network of 50 like-minded organizations using collective reach (presently 3 million via Facebook/Twitter) to enhance individual impacts and grow the broader post-growth movement through a content sharing service; and managing Post Growth Consulting: a collective of sustainability-oriented contractors.