The Power Snooker Group is the owner of the Power Snooker sport, which started in 2010, when the first entertainment venue took place in London. The first ever Power Snooker championship was won by Ronnie O’Sullivan - one of the greatest snooker players of all time. It was televised live by ITV4 to the audience that reached over 450,000 viewers in the UK alone. Power Snooker championship is the event where sport meets entertainment. With the help of the additional investment, in 2011 another tournament was organized in Manchester. It lasted for three days and was also televised by ITV4. The tournament was distributed to 193 countries and in the UK the peak viewing reached over 625,000, being a substantial increase over the previous year. Boardroom changes and lack of direction saw the company unable to move with the times and take advantage of the success it had created. This changed in early 2016, when a new Board of Directors was elected by the shareholders to incorporate digital platforms and live events into the company’s activities. The company has been completely restructured. Frustratingly, Power Snooker failed to build on its dramatic launch after 2011; its existing Board never anticipated the game’s popularity and never established a structure that could cope with and manage its immense global reach. That has all changed. Now we have a new Board with new plans and we are fully prepared to capture the world’s imagination all over again – only this time with fresh, exciting ideas and some innovatory twists and turns. A new Board of Directors was elected by shareholders in 2016 and the company has been completely restructured. The Board now comprises individuals who have excelled in their chosen professions and possess, crucially, the international expertise and networks to drive our new business model forward. The Board’s vision is to create and preserve wealth, aligning the interests of management with the interests of the shareholders, fans and future members. An intrinsic part of our future plans is the creation of a substantial worldwide Power Snooker Community that will enjoy and share the benefits of our own dedicated cryptocurrency, clubs, television and radio platforms and a constant communication via social media platforms.