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Through a colon cleanse the body can clear off the toxins and at the same time the digestive system also gets improved. So after a colon cleanse, your metabolism increases and your food gets digested quickly. With quick digestion, bowel movements also get regular and there is no scope for the body to store any toxins inside. Weight loss supplements like colon essential and acai essential, can prove to be one of the best weight loss plans. Do not get enamored by the weight loss pills for women because they are not as effective as the acai berry and colon cleanse weight loss supplements. So acai berry and colon cleanse combo is indeed a revolutionary formula which can help people inordinately for losing weight, without the hassles of any side effects. Contact Info: Company Name: Powerhouse Formulations LLC Address: 1308 Centennial Ave, Suite 322 City: Piscataway Zip Code: 08854 Phone: 732 667 7514 Website: www.AcaiColonFreeTrials.com