Pragna Data Solutions

Established in 2009, Pragna Data Solutions (PDS) is a privately-owned off shoring and outsourcing service provider. We provide a wide range of Data Processing Services, which include Document scanning, Web research, Data Mining, Data Cleansing, Receipt capture, Manual Data capture, Banking Data Processing; Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO); Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) and Media Research outsourcing - News monitoring – Press/Web/Social Networking/Broadcast/TV/Blogs. We also pioneer in Statistical Data Analytics, Verbatim/Open End Coding, Data Analysis, Charting, Power Point report writing services and BI solutions. PDS was founded on the basic principle of low-cost off shoring and outsourcing service with Bangalore being the hub for skill and talent utilization. Bangalore has the capacity to grow into a high technology hub, similar to the Silicon Valley based around Santa Clara Valley, California, a major hub for IT companies in the United States. It has only been a year since we started operations; however, our customers have already seen growth in their core business due to our work approach. Our motto: EFFICIENCY, PRECISION, SIMPLICITY, and REALITY, helps us in providing you with tailor-made solutions to meet every business need of yours. We employ professionals offshore with skill-sets ranging from data processing to much more advanced Knowledge processing and who are determined to deliver world-class service to the clients. PDS is the force built as a result of several man-years of experience in Data Management, Web Research, Media Evaluation and Media Monitoring. This means our outsourced business model will help clients in achieving cost and time arbitrage, with cost savings of more than 50% in a strong and effective project management.